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Positively embracing aging
and end of life

Through self-exploration and personal connections

What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others
based on a mutual giving from the heart.

Marshall Rosenberg

Do you have life stories you’d like to share? Do you wonder about death and dying? Do you need support, redirection and encouragement as you or a loved one face end of life transitions?

I believe life is a rich journey, that each step we take along the path is full of potential – and that how we approach the end of life once having reached our “golden years” and no longer able to live independently is as important as all that precedes it.

Listen, Share, Engage

I am a facilitator, listener, communicator, storyteller and writer based in Portland, Oregon. I work with groups, organizations and individuals, meeting in small group and retreat settings and private one-on-ones in Cannon Beach as well as throughout the Portland, Oregon area. Together we share and hear stories about life, aging, dying and death to gain clarity and create goals for life’s next phase.

My Mom’s Last Letter, a source of inspiration and guidance when facing life’s final years, is offered as a free gift.
Request your complimentary copy of this special 60-page book.

By exploring feelings and thoughts, hearing other people’s joys and struggles in a compassionate and supportive environment, I believe you will find your courage, know your strengths, and discover your passion.

Find the inspiration to fully live life’s final years. Achieve a greater understanding and sense of balance through honest self-exploration and true connection with loved ones and others. View and explore the end of life and death in a joyful and positive light.

Contact me to learn more or to arrange a session.